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Balloon Colour Combinations: Using Colour to your Advantage

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Balloons are a party staple! To make sure that your party stands out we use colours to make it livelier. As years pass by, people’s taste in style and colour varies. We also know how trends in colours come and go with the seasons. Balloon colour combinations are no exception. 

However, there are colour schemes that never go out of style. This is what we call the classics such as black and white for black tie events. For Hollywood events, black and gold are the staples while blue and silver for male birthdays or christenings. If you are having a young girl’s party or christening, pink or soft pastels plus lavender is used. Lastly, if you want a very festive and fun birthday you should use a multi-bright colour combination.

At Fast Balloons, we are always excited to give suggestions to clients regarding colour combinations. We always get excited about playing with various colour options. It allows us to share our creativity and help customers achieve what they want for their parties.

Let us share with you the key factors we consider when selecting the balloon colour combinations.

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Key Factors to Consider when Selecting Balloon Colour Combinations

Party theme

Your balloon’s colour scheme must match the theme of your event. The balloon colours should not clash or be too dark. You want everything to be balanced and coherent.

Consider venue colours when selecting balloon colours

You should also consider the colours at the location you are having the event. Make sure that the balloon colour combinations you choose will not overpower or be too similar to the actual colour of the place. Most importantly, the colour of the walls and other permanent fixtures that cannot be changed.

Match with other décor or invitations

Your balloon colour combinations must match the colour scheme of your invitation and other decor. If you are having a lolly buffet, matching the colours confectionery to the balloons makes a real statement. Make sure that your colours work well for any type of décor or medium you’re using.

Balloon Colour Combinations Party ThemeBalloon Colour Combinations Party ThemeBalloon Colour Combinations Party ThemeBalloon Colour Combinations Party ThemeBalloon Colour Combinations Party Theme

To Sum Up Balloon Colour Combinations

It’s very important to know how colours are used together and their proportion. There are various factors you need to consider and with the help of a professional, it will be easier for you to select your balloon colour combination.

If you are interested in checking out our wide collection of balloons and the latest installations you should visit our site. You can ask our Customer Happiness Team for samples of our works and colour combinations. 



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