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Don’t blow up your balloons. Use this pump to help.

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Is blowing up a balloon using just your lungs easier than using a balloon hand pump? This is a question we’re asked often. We find the task of blowing up balloons using your lungs is a long one and requires a fair amount of stamina. We all know that “out of breath” feeling after you’ve blown up a handful of balloons and then there’s still a pile of balloons waiting patiently for you!

Use the Balloon Hand Pump to quicken the process. With an easy connecting nozzle, this is a great accessory. The best part is that you can chat to your heart’s content about the event rather than trying to create a world record to see how quickly you can use your lungs to blow up all those balloons.

Another really nifty gadget we have is the Electric Balloon Inflator and this really has to be the ultimate in balloon blowing.

It’s also a great idea to consider accessorizing your balloons with coloured ribbons that we retail in ribbon packs. These come in packs of 50 and there really are no strings attached (pardon the pun).

Can you believe there is actually a world record for the most number of small inflated balloons inside one larger inflated balloon? Yup. There is in fact a record currently held with almost 30 smaller balloons inflated inside one larger balloon. Amazing right. How do you even do that? The diameter of the smaller balloons had to at least be 20cm. After careful checking with a tape measure this record was achieved and will be a tough one to beat.

Did you know that we also have at least 40 different balloon colours on our online store? Yup, it’s true and with our balloon online ordering system it’s never been easier to place your order in real time and know that you’ve ticked that one task off your list for the day.

We’d love to chat about your next balloon project. So please give us a buzz on 1300 008 300.



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