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Speed up your big event balloon blowing with this Electric Balloon Inflator. Heaps in stock and prices super low for every budget.

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The Electric Balloon Inflator will take the time and hard work out of blowing up balloons. It is a must for large events needing lots of trade show balloons or small events pressed for time.

Getting your business noticed is the reason for getting marketing materials.  And getting your promotional materials out to be noticed by potential customers, as fast and as often as possible, is key to growing your business. Our Electric Balloon inflator can get your promotional balloons out fast and wide! It only requires little effort to inflate a huge number of custom balloons in a short amount of time.

Inflating balloons by using our Balloon Hand Pump is all well and good but if you need to blow a lot of balloons fast, you most definitely need The Electric Balloon inflator. Using the Balloon Hand Pump can give you an awesome workout but all that energy can be used elsewhere like promoting your product. How else will you be able to expand your business if you’re so tired from inflating your event balloons manually? Let’s save the arm workout for the gym and use our Electric Balloon Inflator so that you have energy for your convention or the party after!

Sometimes, you may have considered having the balloons delivered inflated to save the hassle of blowing it up yourselves, but the space occupied by helium-filled balloons make transporting your custom balloons challenging and sometimes downright impossible, especially if you ordered a lot of balloons.  Thus, we highly recommend you get the Electric Balloon inflator for a stress-free event. Transport your balloons with ease and inflate the Balloons at the event itself.

Whether Standard Balloons, Pearl Balloons, Metallic Balloons, or Ultra Shine Balloons,  the Electric Balloon Inflator can handle them all!  The useful gadget is the perfect companion for your promotional event.  To take the difficulty out of your event preparation and have more time for your clientele, order this awesome item now to assist you in your Balloon project. Just ring us up at 1300 008 300. We’d love to hear from you.


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