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Helium Balloons

Latex Helium Balloons are so popular nowadays that we’ve had to increase our colour range to over 40 bright colours to keep ahead of demand.

At Fast Balloons, all of our latex helium balloons are made to be helium filled. That’s right, every single one of them. So go ahead and just choose your colour, quantity, inks and so on and we will rush these through for you.

Your helium balloons will be printed, packed and yes, you will have your balloons delivered to your door super fast. We know that having balloons delivered with haste is important so your event goes off with a bang!

Some of our most popular colours are red balloons, black balloons, pink balloons, clear balloons and white balloons. However, we have so many more colour choices for you. So, we have organised our balloon range in to categories based on the type of latex finish that you require.

Our helium standard balloon range of is pretty much what you would expect a popular standard balloon to look and feel like. They are classic and a sure winner at every event. Our next range of balloons are our helium Pearl balloon range and have a gorgeous pearl sheen that makes them super stylish. We then have our helium Metallic Balloon range for parties that just deserve that little extra pizzazz. Last but not least we have our helium Ultra Shine Balloon range which really are super sophisticated and make a wow statement.

Setting up a party isn’t quite complete with out some balloon accessories. If you want your helium balloons to float then check out our ribbon packs and a full range of other time saving and sensible balloon accessories. You can shop, buy and pay for all of our products right here on our website.

Alternatively, if you’d like to live chat, we have that base covered too. But if you’d really like to talk to a real person then give us a buzz on 1300 008 300.

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Custom Product Request