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How To Create Your Personalised Balloons

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Off the shelf balloons may work for a small celebration, but do not work for all occasions. Especially, if you are organising special events that may require a personal touch. At Fast Balloons, we can help create custom-printed and personalised balloons that can make any event special in its own way.

Why Choose Fast Balloons to create your Personalised Balloons?

We have a wide selection of options for personalisation. This includes colour, shapes and sizes. Additionally, we have super fast shipping for all orders. Our production is so quick you can have them dispatched the same day if you place your order early in the day.

Our products are suitable for helium and are made with high-quality latex material. Furthermore, we offer design services and have experts that can assist with your design.

Create Personalised Balloons blog

 Creating Your Personalised Balloons is simple. So, here’s how you can do it:

 #1 Decide on Your Print

Firstly, create the personalised design on the balloons. If it’s for corporate events, businesses prefer to use their company colours and have their logo on it. If it’s for personal events like birthdays, graduation, etc., clients may use a persons photo or special message. In addition, incorporate part of the design from your printed invitations onto the balloon design.

If you are still not sure what your design is, our design team can help you find the print you like. They will assist you in choosing the colour, font, and images when creating your custom balloon. You will even receive an electronic sample mockup of the balloon and colours prior to printing. A service that comes at no extra costs but gives you piece of mind.

#2 Select A Balloon Shape to create your Personalised Balloons

Second, you select the shape. We have the standard round, heart, and star shape in different sizes for foil balloons.

If you want to be more creative with your personalised balloons, you can have the shape customised. Having a personalised shape is a great idea. It will help you catch the attention of your audience and stand out. It is an effective branding strategy and will get your message across. Just keep in mind there are minimum order quantities for custom shaped balloons.

 #3 Select a Balloon Size

Different sizes of balloons fit various events and occasions. If you are hosting a marketing event, use balloons in bigger sizes for higher impact. Balloons in 72cm size are perfect for this purpose.

If you’re having birthday parties or similar events, we suggest you create your personalised balloons with the 30 cm to 40 cm sizes. 

#4 Decide Between 1 or 2-Sided Printing

Deciding between one or two-sided printing can depend on what the purpose of these personalised balloons is for. If it’s for marketing initiatives, we recommend using two-sided printing to maximise its benefit. In this way, your audience is exposed to your brand’s logo and the message from both sides. Or, have your logo on one side and a message on the other.

Also, it can work for personal events. You can print an image on one side and the message on the other. There are various ways to combine your two-sided print. Your budget may also play a part in making this decision.

#5 Choosing Ink Colours to create your Personalised Balloons

When you are done with the details of your design, it is time to select the colours. You need to choose the colour of the balloon and ink you’ll use. We can accommodate your colour requests, our equipment has a wide range of colours available. We can even match the ink colour to your PMS colour.

#6 Make Final Specifications

Fast Balloons make sure that personalising your balloons is easy and simple. We can cater to requests for any order. We always make sure that we provide customised balloons conveniently and easily.

After finalising your design, we will ask you to send the final design files to our product team. We will then prepare the balloons for printing and send you an electronic proof for approval. But, if you don’t have a design yet our team will take charge of creating a personalised design for you. 

Create Your Personalised Balloons with Fast Balloons

Making your personalised balloons should not be a complicated and hard task. At Fast Balloons, we make party organising a headache-free experience.

So, check out our website to place an order for our personalised balloons. Alternatively, fill out our custom quote request form or speak with our Customer Happiness Team today to receive a quote.


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