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Three Reasons Why Balloons are Great for Party Decorations

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Balloons are a staple for any event, they certainly bring happiness and festivity to any occasion. They are perfect for any type of celebration like birthday parties, festivals, conferences, and weddings. You can never go wrong with balloons as decorations if you are planning to throw a party.

Organizing an event can be quite costly especially if you ask someone to do it for you. But, if you plan it early, it is possible to organise and host your upcoming event without the extra costs. This allows you to save the cost of paying a professional.

Using simple, attractive, and affordable decorations are key to having a successful event. Balloons are a perfect choice. In this blog, we will share three reasons why balloons gives you the balance between charm and affordability for your party decorations. 

Balloons as Party Decorations

Top 3 Reasons to use Balloons as Party Decorations

Balloons Are Versatile

Balloons come in various styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. There are helium-filled, air-filled, foil, and latex. You have tons of options to choose from. Consider the following when choosing your balloons:

  • Helium-filled latex balloons last up to 12 hours
  • Hifloat filled latex balloons last up to 3 days
  • Air-filled latex balloons can last for several weeks but they do not float
  • Foil balloons last from 12 to 30 hours or even up to 10 days

Selecting the balloon’s material is just the start. Balloons can be personalised with your brand, logo, or message. Additionally, foil balloons can even be custom made in your own shape. You can be as creative as you want to be with your balloons for Party Decorations!

Balloons Draw Attention and are Ideal Party Decorations

Lots of events have an area of focus or even multiple areas of focus. The objective is to draw attention to these areas in a subtle way. For example, at events like birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, lots of guests will bring a gift. So, instead of focusing attention on gifts, select another area such as a table of goodies for the guests. For example, a thank you gift for guests such as lolly noodle boxes. By creating a table decorated with streamers and balloons it makes it more prominent without making it a required stop.

Balloon arches are also a great idea to identify the entrance for a birthday party or even a conference or expo. Balloon arches are useful, eye-catching, and simple. They are the best way to mark the start and finish of a certain event. 

Setting up your Balloons

Aside from planning the party itself, set-up and clean-up are the biggest tasks of event organising. Team up with wholesale balloon suppliers for quick set up of your balloons for your party decorations. Setting up balloons can be very time consuming. You need to inflate them, arrange them or tie ribbons to them. If you have room in your budget, have your supplier arrange this for you so you can free up time for other tasks. However, if you have the time and are creative you could use one of many popular concepts to create your display.

Balloons are also easy to clean-up which is another reason they are the perfect party decorations. You simply deflate them and dispose of them. Deflated balloons don’t take up much space as well. Plus, our latex balloons are biodegradable!  

If you need help in finding the perfect balloon for your next party decoration, don’t hesitate to contact Fast Balloons. Our team will help you get the best for your event. Making sure they are attractive, versatile, and easy to set-up and clean-up.


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