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Decorating with Balloons: The Ultimate Guide

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Balloons are always considered to be one of the most eye-catching displays when you are planning any event like weddings, birthdays, and store openings. Decorating with balloons is considered a form of art. However, creating a balloon display or feature does not have to be difficult and complicated. Let us share with you some tricks and tips for decorating with balloons; like a professional. Perfect for any event or gathering like a professional.

Decorating with Balloons Blog

Ways to Decorate with Balloons

Columns And Arches

If you want to impress your guests at your next event, balloon arches or columns are a perfect option. They are very easy to create even though they look complex.

Begin by choosing the colour scheme for your balloon arch or column. You can go for a single colour for all your balloons or create an alternating pattern by selecting two or more colours.

For the best results, inflate your balloons using a balloon pump (don’t use helium). Glue or tie the “fishtail” end of your balloons to a column-shaped or arch chicken wire base. Also, make sure you cover as much surface as possible to hide your wire base. 

Loose Balloons

You may consider having a ceiling feature for your upcoming event. Use helium-filled balloons for this and attach it to balloon ribbons. Lay them out along the whole ceiling at your event or party. Then, attendees can grab and play with the balloons and dance the night away below a canopy of floating balloons.

Decorating with Promotional Balloons

Have an upcoming business event like a discount sale, grand opening, or conference? Get the services of a professional balloon printing company to custom print your branding onto latex or foil balloons

The process is simple and straight forward. Just provide your company logo to your provider. Then, choose your balloon’s shape, size, colour, and finish, and relax as professionals do the work for you. Once finished, your customised printed balloons can be shipped to your preferred location just in time for your event planning.

Would you like to reduce excess retail floor stock or inform your clients of some of your latest discounts? Order some printed promotional or sale balloons at Fast Balloons to encourage more in-store foot traffic. Furthermore, don’t forget to include some printed posters to advertise your sale items.


Helium-filled balloon bouquets are perfect props or backgrounds for wedding photoshoots, proposals, anniversaries, or any romantic event. Add your touch by tying colourful ribbons at the end of your balloons to match the overall theme of your event.

Balloon Sculptures

Similar to balloon columns and arches, decorating with balloon sculptures looks complex but are easy to set up. Use the magic of Google to search online for some inspiration and ideas. Once you have an idea of how you want your sculpture to look, you can start creating a plan on how to best secure and arrange your balloons to make a decorative sculpture. If you want variety, go for some different balloon shapes, colours, and sizes for your piece.

Decorating with Balloon Arrangements

Air-filled balloon arrangements are great centerpieces that draw the attention of your guest to the center of your venue. It’s very easy to transform your balloons into table displays by keeping balloons in place with accessories such as balloon sticks and cups. You can also decorate by putting them together using adhesives like tape or others.

Alternatively, you can also add balloon arrangements in various areas of a room. They can be held together with ribbons tied to balloon weights or tied to chairs.

Spell It Out

Do you want to spell out a person’s name or age for their birthday? Or maybe feature a company’s name or brand’s logo? Use balloon alphabet letters or balloon numbers to have a more personalised touch to your event décor. Additionally, you can mix and match balloon letters with custom printed balloons to create a bolder statement at your next celebration.

To Sum Up

Fast Balloons is one of Australia’s leading balloon and balloon accessories suppliers. Our specialisation is printing customised balloons for business branding, promotional use, birthdays, events, and various special occasions. We also offer high-quality balloon printing services where we custom-print onto custom-shaped balloons for an eye-catching and unique balloon. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your custom-printed balloons.

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