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  • Heart Shaped Foil Balloons

    Heart Shaped Foil Balloons 18 inch

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  • Round Foil Balloons

    Round Foil Balloons 18 inch

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  • Star Shaped Foil Balloons

    Star Shaped Foil Balloons 20 inch

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Custom foil balloons for your next celebration will really take the mood in the room up a notch or two.  Choose from either 18 inch balloons or 20 inch balloon sizes. In metric that is 45cm heart or round shaped balloon shape option or in the 50cm range we have the star-shaped balloons.

We all love walking in to a party and the first glimpse of those shimmering promotional foil balloons floating with helium makes us feel like we can really let our hair down. It’s party time!

Our range of decorated foil balloons come in a beautiful heart-shape, the classic round balloon shape and also the foil star balloon shape. There are some beaut options possible here.

With our online range of branded balloons, you can choose to have your foil balloons printed in one colour in one position or one colour in two positions. With two sided printed balloons your event logo will be seen from the other side of your party room.

We have prefilled our instant balloon price calculator with the most popular quantity choices starting from as low as only 25 balloons going right up through quantity breaks of 250, 500, 750 and beyond.

With our heart-shaped balloon range you can choose from a bright range of colours including ivory, lavender, magenta, metallic gold, pearl light blue, pearl pink, quartz purple, rose, ruby red, sapphire blue, silver and white. Certainly a lovely colour range.

Our round and star-shaped balloon range have an ever wide range of standard colours to select from which is awesome.

If you’re ready to talk all things balloon then give us a buzz on 1300 008 300. Let’s get chatting.